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Smart Retail Case Study: ALLIE, Yuan Skincare Creates Meaningful Shopping Experience

Smart retailing can provide you the abilities to meet the demands of today’s empowered consumers while addressing major changes in the industry, and in this case study, learn how brands such as ALLIE and Yuan Skincare tapped smart retail solutions in reinforcing their presence in Singapore.  

Smart Retail Booths in Singapore  

ALLIE and Yuan Skincare have recently launched, for a limited time, smart retail booths in popular pharmacies in Singapore as part of their efforts in reaching out to new customers, and pumping up sales. 

But more than that, the brands were able to provide customers a new and meaningful shopping experience, one that has the capacity to address most, if not all, COVID-driven limitations and disruptions without compromising their overall business model. 


ALLIE Opens Smart Retail Booth in Singapore | Digital 38

ALLIE introduced shoppers in one of Singapore’s most frequented commercial areas an all-new way of shopping and getting to know their brand and products. They launched a smart retail booth in Watson’s Ngee Ann City branch, featuring their latest offerings and best-selling products. 

The unmanned booth not only comes with the products for purchase but also interactive tools to help both Watson employees and potential buyers gain more knowledge about the brand. 

In addition, ALLIE ran brief campaigns on their social media handles, informing their followers and customers online about their limited event in Ngee Ann City. 

Overall, ALLIE was able to pull off an omnichannel strategy that helped them potentially increase their brand awareness in Singapore and ultimately, drive more sales.  

Yuan Skincare 

Yuan Skincare Embarks on Smart Retailing to Tap More Buyers | Digital 38

Like ALLIE, Taiwanese brand Yuan Skincare also engaged in smart retail solutions for their expansion in Singapore.  

Yuan Skincare opened a couple of smart retail booths in drug store chains housed in popular malls around the city-state, including Unity in VivoCity. Like the one from ALLIE, they set up an unmanned, smart retail booth showcasing their best-selling products. 

Aside from Yuan Skincare’s most popular products such as the handmade, all-natural Mugwort Soap, the brand also employed customer retention tactics such as mini-games and contests, giving interacting buyers the chance to win prizes.  

The brand opened their smart retail booth when the COVID-19 pandemic started to become manageable, and consumers returned to shopping in malls and other brick-and-mortar stores.  

Having a smart retail booth allowed Yuan Skincare a contactless and safe way to reach out to consumers, especially those not tapped by traditional and digital marketing channels.  

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Smart retailing can be your key, both in mitigating significant disruptions in the present, and navigating uncertainties in the future. Check out how brands are also leveraging smart retail solutions in Singapore by clicking the links below. 

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