About Us​

group365 has a diverse portfolio of agencies with a comprehensive range of services that cater to our clients’ diverse needs. With each agency specializing in its unique areas of expertise, we are uniquely placed to meet the special requirements of clients in the healthcare, wellness, aesthetic medicine, medical and educational travel, and hospitality industries. From our Healthcare Publisher & Marketing team, to our Multi-Channel Network Influencer Marketing Agency, and to our MICE Travel and ATO (Approved Training Organisation) Agency – discover the endless possibilities and let us be your trusted partner in achieving your goals.

group365 | A Diverse Portfolio of Agencies

Our Management

George Foo is Group365’s Chief Executive Officer.

With a strong belief in integrated solutions for marketers, group365 serves clients with a diverse portfolio of agencies specializing in various areas of expertise, including MICE Travel, ATO (Approved Training Organization), Influencer & China Digital Marketing, and Healthcare Publisher & Marketing.

Having obtained a degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Oregon, George began his career in the media sales industry at a leading cable TV operator in Singapore. Recognising the potential of the internet early on, he joined several major internet companies like Lycos and 24/7 Asia.

George is also a serial entrepreneur, having started multiple ventures partnering companies like Microsoft, Meta, Weibo and Tencent throughout his career. Known for his grit, critical thinking, and pragmatism, he enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his two daughters during his leisure time.

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