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How Smart Retail Solutions Helped JR East Deliver Omiyage Boxes To Singapore

Thanks to smart retail solutions, Singaporean consumers can now indulge with some of the best desserts fresh from Japan. 

JR East Café Opens Smart Retail Booth in Singapore

Japanese railway company East Japan Railway Company (JR East) engaged in smart retail solutions in bringing the best flavors of Japan straight to Singapore. For a limited time only, the company opened Japan Rail Café to introduce their famous omiyage boxes, under the trademark Rail Cross, to markets in Singapore.

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The booth allows potential buyers to get and taste samples of the bite-sized delights found in their omiyage (souvenir in English) boxes. And anyone who wants to purchase them can do so instantly.  

All you have to do is engage with the café’s screen by selecting which regional treats they want inside their omiyage boxes, and click subscribe. And then wait for your box of specially-curated Japanese treats to be delivered to your doorstep.

Subscribers of Rail Cross are in for a treat every month with new themes and regions featured in their own omiyage boxes. 

How Smart Retail Can Enhance Your Ecommerce?

Rail Cross is JR East’s recent cross border Ecommerce venture that aims to promote Japan’s culture and heritage through travel and food. But with smart retail solutions, they have the opportunity to scale their Ecommerce abilities.  

They were able to provide Singaporean consumers a more engaging, faster, safer, and more convenient way of buying products straight from Japan.   

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Smart retailing, simply put, is integrating digital tools and other innovative technologies to give your customers a more enriching and remarkable shopping experience. It can be your key to helping your Ecommerce business navigate disruptions and uncertainties in the market.  

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