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Next-Gen Shopping With ALLIE’s Smart Retail Booth In Singapore

Global beauty brand ALLIE has embraced the new age in shopping and retailing as it opened its first smart retail booth in Singapore.  

For a limited time, ALLIE rolled out a smart retail booth in Watson’s Ngee Ann City. With a smart retail booth, the brand was not only able to reach out to new customers. But also, they were able to give them an improved and enriching shopping experience. 

In addition, ALLIE had the ability to engage with hundreds of potential buyers visiting Watson’s Ngee Ann City branch in Singapore through unique and meaningful ways.  

Smart solutions like an interactive, unmanned booth gives brands the potential to enhance customer experience, and ultimately add more value to the business.  

What is Smart Retailing?  

A smart retail booth, like the one demonstrated by ALLIE in Singapore, is just one of the many solutions under smart retailing. Smart retailing refers to integrating innovations and technologies in order to provide better shopping experiences for customers.  

Massive changes and seismic shifts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic made businesses of all sizes realize just how valuable smart retailing can be. Not only can smart retailing help you cope with disruptions in the industry. But also, it can give your brand the competitive advantage it needs.  

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Launch Your 1st Smart Retail Booth  

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